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Therapy of Love?

Is logotherapy a therapy of love? The answer is “yes and no.” It depends on how you define love. If love is the feeling a child has who is being embraced and treasured for the singular, preciously unique individual he … Continue reading

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A flash of insight came to me today about being focused on the task at hand. My difficulty in focusing is always because I’m not completely present, which of course makes sense. The reason I’m not present is because I’m … Continue reading

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Four Questions

Frankl was profound in his simplicity. Meaning is “what is meant.” We can follow this model of phrasing ideas simply and add two more statements: Values are what we value. Strengths are the power to carry out values. Thus, there … Continue reading

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One of the confusions about values in logotherapy is that outside the realm of logotherapy what we mean by “values” is one of two things: a) an objective moral truth equally valid for everyone or b) (the absurd notion of) … Continue reading

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Time management

They say it’s good to blog every day. They also say one should only blog if one has something to say. Today all I have to say is that I have no time to blog today. It’s important to know … Continue reading

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Actions build relationships

This past Friday night we had the pleasure of visiting old friends who live an hour plus drive away. While we were there I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts on logotherapy and Judaism with a group of … Continue reading

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Not by the book

Everyone likes advice. They want to hear what the “experts” say. No one can really tell you “how to do it.” What I write about in this blog is my own practice and experience of life. Nothing else can lead … Continue reading

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Balance between being finished and being there

My schedule is full – packed to the minute. I would pretty much like to follow my schedule. That way everything I want to be sure to do gets attention. At the same time it’s important to me to focus … Continue reading

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Freedom to and not just freedom from

Some of the phrases used to define the goals of psychotherapy include “relief of distress or disability,” “treatment of mental or emotional problems” and “to improve their ability to cope with difficulties and problems in their lives.” As a general … Continue reading


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Belonging and alienation

A friend was once discussing her feelings about the community in which she lives. She said that she doesn’t feel so much like she fits in, but she relates to our small group of women that meets once a week … Continue reading

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