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Meaning -> Intention -> God

by Aryeh Siegel It seems to me that just about everyone will at some time say there’s something meaningful in what is happening around him or her. The meaningfulness consists in there being some message that is being conveyed. In … Continue reading

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I am Hashem

by Aryeh Siegel I am Hashem your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slaves (Exodus 20:1). The first two words of the Ten Commandments that God spoke on Mount Sinai are: … Continue reading

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Giving and Receiving Meaning

In the post “The Realness of the Intangible” I shared a meaningful teaching my study partner and myself learned from Alei Shur. Today I want to share our continued learning. Until now we learned that the world was created at … Continue reading

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Logotherapy From a Religious Perspective

1) What are the ways therapy might be viewed from a religious perspective and how is therapy likely to be viewed from the perspective of a religious logotherapist? 2) How do we picture G-d and in what ways if any … Continue reading

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Dereflection: A religious perspective

Frankl noticed a habit people have of hyperreflection. They’re preoccupied with how they look from an outside perspective as they are speaking or performing anything they are intent on “getting right,” rendering the task they’re engaged in impossible to perform. … Continue reading

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Psychology and religion part 2

I know I said that yesterday was my last post before I go. Well, I have a few more hours and I want to follow up my post of June 5 called Psychology and Religion with a discussion of Dr. … Continue reading

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It’s significant that Frankl calls responsibility “response-ability.” If we never read Frankl’s writings we would simply say that responsibility is an obligation that stands and confronts you. If you fail to fulfill your obligation you’ll suffer the consequence. You’ll be … Continue reading

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When I think about values I think of my father. One of the values he held dear was higher education. A favorite statement of his was “Always go for the higher degree.” Remembering that his telling me that on his … Continue reading

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The meaning of recent events

Two days ago I wanted to write but I didn’t write. I was in a bind. The purpose of this blog is to write about meaning. One important aspect of meaning is the significance of world events. Something terrible had … Continue reading

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Script writing lesson number two

Continuing to think about what my daughter taught me about script writing, I came up with five ideas about logotherapy that I would like to convey: 1) What is the meaning of the spiritual dimension? I would need to create … Continue reading

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