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The Realness of the Intangible

An exciting new understanding came to me today, in my study of the book Alei Shur, the section called ‘emunah‘ (faith). It is an insight that I value. As always, although it is tied to my particular world view I … Continue reading

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Faith and Discernment

Simplifications are sometimes handy but at the same time run the risk of being oversimplifications. I say this by way of introduction to a handy definition I’d like to put forth on what religiosity means to me. To be religious … Continue reading

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The Long and Windy Road

Life is a long and windy road. As Steve Jobs once said, you can only connect the dots backward. You can’t connect the dots forward. So what are you supposed to do when you’re going forward and you can’t see … Continue reading

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Reflecting in logotherapy is not the same as the method of mirroring back what the client has said to us. We’re mirroring back meaning. The focus is the person and not “the problem.” We stop and reflect together that he’s … Continue reading

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Choosing to Believe

The way we look at the world determines how we relate to the world. Logotherapy is no different from any other philosophical/psychological approach in this respect. The logotherapist looks at the world as unconditionally meaningful. Every life is meaningful and … Continue reading

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Pain blocks dialogue; faith restores it

The next and my favorite speaker at the conference“ To touch the pain from a place of faith” was Dr. Baruch Kahane (see previous blog posts about him). He opened with the following statement: The concept “Just think good and … Continue reading

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Of nihilism and Jewish defensiveness

I enjoyed reading the excellent post of March 25 titled The Nihilism of Nir Barkat on this blogin response to the interview with Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem after the recent bombing attack in the heart of the city. … Continue reading

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Not by my power

To continue from where we left off yesterday, the three beliefs that lead to a basic trust in God and trust in life are: a) I believe that I can’t do anything without God’s help. It’s not by my power … Continue reading

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Help comes in mysterious ways

Having the unexpected luxury of free time in the middle of the day I decided to go food shopping in the shuk. The shuk is the Jerusalem market where one can find an infinite variety of fresh fruits and vegetables … Continue reading

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Getting out of the circular reasoning trap

Every religion, psychological approach and general world-view impacts on our experience of life and on everything we do. For example Frankl believed in the inherent goodness of human nature, and this colored his whole psychotherapeutic approach called logotherapy. In other … Continue reading

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