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Affirmation in logotherapy is different from affirmation in other approaches. First of all it’s an unspoken acknowledgment of the absolute worth of the person sitting across from us and a transmission of that worth. Although every approach begins with this … Continue reading


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Unexpected Redemption

The following two essays are presented one on the heels of the other, since the second was stimulated by the first. Though some of the language may be unfamiliar to some readers, I am posting it in full, as is. … Continue reading

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How religious therapists think

I observed hundreds of people in one room yesterday who were seeking faith-based therapy. I heard the speakers speaking the language of logotherapy. In that case why are they not seeking logotherapy itself? Well, if they are already using the … Continue reading

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Carl Rogers and Viktor Frankl on values

Today I had an epiphany. I have been asking the wrong question and juxtaposing the wrong texts. Before I asked the question: What are values? To answer this I juxtaposed Carl Rogers saying values are a matter of personal preference … Continue reading

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Creating a responsible society

Yesterday was one of those days I ended up wasting a lot of time. It turned out I wasn’t needed at work and on top of that I didn’t have a car to get there and back, making it a … Continue reading

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Four energies

Whatever it is you want to do in the world, whether it’s a big project or a decision to exercise every day, what fuels it? A simple Mishnaic statement in the Jewish tradition outlines four key energies that empower every … Continue reading

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