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Israel Independence Day

Today I sang Hallel, the paragraphs of Psalms that are sung on Jewish festivals and every first day of the month. Long ago in Talmudic times it was enacted to praise God by singing these Psalms on another type of … Continue reading

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My Purim

I woke up this morning with the thought: How can I make this a better world because I am in it? This kind of ongoing consciousness would be a pretty good guide to how to live. This was not an … Continue reading

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Gratitude beyond words

There are two types of gratitude experiences. One is recognition of (and the flip side of not denying) kindness done to us. The other is acknowledgment of having received more than our due. The first, recognition of a kindness done … Continue reading

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Divine intervention first thoughts

What I’m about to write is not well thought out yet so take it as such. Any questions or comments to help me explore further are more than welcome. I’ve been thinking about the meaning of belief in divine providence … Continue reading

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I wonder

Try asking “Dear G-d, What would it be like if …he, she, they, I were healed from… (fill in the blank)?” Go on with your life in a state of playful wonderment, and watch miracles begin to unfold. You may … Continue reading

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The preciousness of my children

I try to stick to our own original writings in this blog but once in a while I can’t help share something that comes to my email box that strikes me: The Preciousness of My Children God’s Miracles Amidst a … Continue reading

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