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It’s all about attitude

I’m taking a blogging vacation. Today I’m starting a series of posts on case studies in logotherapy – to be continued in mid-October. Foremost logotherapist Elisabeth Lukas quotes many cases in her books by which she explains how logotherapy is … Continue reading


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Inspiration vs. burnout

A subject raised recently in our logotherapy training course was burnout One of the causes of professional burnout in psychotherapists is emotional depletion. From the above link: “Therapists deal primarily with people in crisis and pain. They are supposed to … Continue reading

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WordPress highlighted a post on happiness that I loved and want to share with you. This was my comment: Absolutely loved this post! One thing to add is that Viktor Frankl said happiness cannot be pursued but is something that … Continue reading

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Human consciousness

The very next day after writing about taming wild animals I came across a curious text. The Netziv (acronym for Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin) is a Bible commentary I plan to study in the coming year. I thought to … Continue reading

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Not by the book

Everyone likes advice. They want to hear what the “experts” say. No one can really tell you “how to do it.” What I write about in this blog is my own practice and experience of life. Nothing else can lead … Continue reading

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