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The law of divine providence in human relationships

Viktor Frankl wrote that to be human is to be conscious and to be responsible, and to be conscious that we are responsible. There are things we know without being conscious of this knowledge. For example, we might claim to … Continue reading

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Creativity of divine providence

(Eleventh in a series summarizing the book Halachic Man) The second idea of creativity in Judaism is divine providence. For whatever reason, God wanted to pay special attention to us human beings. Unlike the rest of the animal kingdom that … Continue reading

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Reading between the lines

I was impressed yesterday by something someone said to me. I belong to a educators group of women that meets once a month. The group topic has been exploration of the meaning of innovation in Torah study. What is the … Continue reading

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Divine intervention first thoughts

What I’m about to write is not well thought out yet so take it as such. Any questions or comments to help me explore further are more than welcome. I’ve been thinking about the meaning of belief in divine providence … Continue reading

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The circular reasoning trap of divine providence

In a gathering of women educators, one person related her experience with a student who complained about a student of hers who said: “If I failed the test, and whatever happens is what’s meant to be, it must be that … Continue reading

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