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Faith and Discernment

Simplifications are sometimes handy but at the same time run the risk of being oversimplifications. I say this by way of introduction to a handy definition I’d like to put forth on what religiosity means to me. To be religious … Continue reading

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Religious and Secular Commitment

For as long as I can remember I’d always complained about the way people seem to identify themselves with one group or another and only then decide how they will behave based on their imitation of the group they belong … Continue reading

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What Characterizes Responsibility?

What characterizes responsibility? I love the following answers that people gave me on Facebook: Comment #1 “Characteristics of responsibility are going beyond the call of duty, doing the right thing even when no-one is watching, seeing things through, owning up … Continue reading


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Choosing to Believe

The way we look at the world determines how we relate to the world. Logotherapy is no different from any other philosophical/psychological approach in this respect. The logotherapist looks at the world as unconditionally meaningful. Every life is meaningful and … Continue reading

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Turning weaknesses into strengths

What has been so exciting about the supervision of our students is first of all seeing them emerge. The principles of logotherapy have become integrated for them so that it flows naturally into their work with clients and also into … Continue reading

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Feelings words give us

Frankl once said that the logotherapist tells the patient things he does not want to hear. Logotherapy challenges people to take charge and be the author of their lives. Someone coming into therapy asking, “Can you fix me?” certainly does … Continue reading

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When I think about values I think of my father. One of the values he held dear was higher education. A favorite statement of his was “Always go for the higher degree.” Remembering that his telling me that on his … Continue reading

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Day three: We went up in a cable car to the top of the Furtschellas mountain. Couldn’t see a thing as we were completely enveloped in a cloud. Then we discovered a lovely trail through a forest – with autumn … Continue reading

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