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Where do values originate?

Everyone agrees in one way or another that the act of valuing is a subjective process. Rogers speaks about preference. Alei Shur makes clear that we choose what we like/value and reject what we don’t like/don’t value. How does Frankl’s … Continue reading

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What are values?

How do you think each of the following perspectives on values would impact the therapeutic relationship? Carl Rogers “[Values are] the tendency of any living beings to show preference, in their actions, for one kind of object or objective rather … Continue reading

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Awaiting the day

I started out my day with what I thought would be a relatively simple task. I wanted to write about what has been on my mind lately – values. However, if I want to reflect on different thinkers and their … Continue reading

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Be engaged

Logotherapy is focused on accessing the individual’s natural goodness and will to meaning. This can be translated in Jewish terms in one of the messages in the recitation of the Shema where we say “Hear O Israel the Lord our … Continue reading

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Of nihilism and Jewish defensiveness

I enjoyed reading the excellent post of March 25 titled The Nihilism of Nir Barkat on this blogin response to the interview with Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem after the recent bombing attack in the heart of the city. … Continue reading

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Empathy in logotherapy

The following is a letter I received from Dr. Teria Shantall related to a discussion we were having in the course about the meaning of empathy in logotherapy: Two orientations are in question: the purely psychological approach of psychotherapy and … Continue reading

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Logos is deeper than logic: Email exchange

I want to share a couple of email exchanges I had with Dr. Teria Shantall relating to this idea that logos is deeper than logic (See yesterday’s blogpost). Batya: I noticed from your comments to me that clients always seem … Continue reading

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