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Socratic Questioning

Socratic questioning is the work-horse of logotherapy. I want to bring your attention a few selections from ebook Prism of Meaning by Maria Marshall that particularly struck me. “Naïve questioning is a form of questioning in the dialogue which is … Continue reading


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Which is the higher value?

I have been pondering the question of why most Israelis were in favor of the terrorist murderers in exchange for hostage deal even though most Israelis surveyed also thought the country would be less safe as a result. Here for … Continue reading

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Finding Good in Negative Experiences

I was reminded today of an example of finding good in negative experiences. We’ve already got a full house of our own kids plus two guests coming. One of my kids asked if he could bring a friend and without … Continue reading

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Logotherapy interview transcribed

For the visual among you, the following is a transcription of my interview of September 14 on the Arutz 7 Judean Eve show. After the transcription I have added selections from my personal notes that due to the flow of … Continue reading

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Meaningful Accident

At 3:15 yesterday while driving south down Derech Hebron shortly before the right turn into Gilo in Jerusalem a car stopped suddenly and I banged into it. Soon after, the car behind me banged into me, and shoved me again … Continue reading

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Life is your personal trainer

One of our neighbors needed a place to store his weights and we agreed that he could use our house. We get the fringe benefit of using them. He also showed us the correct way to use the equipment so … Continue reading

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Conventional and nonconventional medicine

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about alternative medicine. My thought was that for a lot of what ails people the concepts need to be reversed. What is called “alternative” should be more aptly called “conventional” and what is … Continue reading

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Understanding despair

In order to be released from the weightiness of despair we have to first understand it. The following are off-the-page comments of my friend and myself during the study covered in yesterday’s post. Why are grief, inertia and despair the … Continue reading

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It’s all about attitude

I’m taking a blogging vacation. Today I’m starting a series of posts on case studies in logotherapy – to be continued in mid-October. Foremost logotherapist Elisabeth Lukas quotes many cases in her books by which she explains how logotherapy is … Continue reading

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Your life has meaning

Recently I had one of those weird experiences where I felt like I was invisible. In order to protect the guilty I won’t go into details, but did you ever answer someone’s question about what to do in a situation … Continue reading

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