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The law of divine providence in human relationships

Viktor Frankl wrote that to be human is to be conscious and to be responsible, and to be conscious that we are responsible. There are things we know without being conscious of this knowledge. For example, we might claim to … Continue reading

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What Characterizes Responsibility?

What characterizes responsibility? I love the following answers that people gave me on Facebook: Comment #1 “Characteristics of responsibility are going beyond the call of duty, doing the right thing even when no-one is watching, seeing things through, owning up … Continue reading


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Heavy people

Years ago I remember reading a counseling handbook titled something to the effect of “What to do with heavy people” By “heavy” the book meant people who have some kind of emotional baggage. I don’t recall what the book said, … Continue reading

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A love of life

(Third in a series summarizing the book Halachic Man) Halachic man doesn’t long for transcendence. The point of creating an ideal world is only so that it can be actualized in this world. The priority of this world over a … Continue reading

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Rose-colored being

Someone recently told me about a seminar she went to where the group leader told the participants to go up to ten different people on the street and say something outlandish to them, so that they will knowingly and willingly … Continue reading

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