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My motivation for teaching

I want to share with you my motivation for creating the “How to Fill the Empty Cup” course and by extension for creating the “Positive Actions Bring Positive Results” webinar as an introduction to the course. If I look inside … Continue reading

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Meaning -> Intention -> God

by Aryeh Siegel It seems to me that just about everyone will at some time say there’s something meaningful in what is happening around him or her. The meaningfulness consists in there being some message that is being conveyed. In … Continue reading

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by Aryeh Siegel The title of my last blog (“I an Hashem, June 17) may have seemed “immodest”. How can anyone even think of uttering “I am God”, however sensitive and refined the intention may be? The following story may … Continue reading


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Opening up to Nature

By Avraham Friedman On my most recent vacation, traveling in the 1000 Islands region of Ontario Canada, I was struck by the fact that I was standing in a boat and simply staring out at the different islands as we … Continue reading

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I am Hashem

by Aryeh Siegel I am Hashem your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slaves (Exodus 20:1). The first two words of the Ten Commandments that God spoke on Mount Sinai are: … Continue reading

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New Blog

There are still more people reading this than Move on over, guys!

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New logotherapy blog

This is a reminder to check out my new logotherapy blog called Instead of announcing that this blog is terminated and sending you to the new blog, I decided to continue this blog as a group blog (with weekly … Continue reading

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Logotherapy elevator statement

by Batya Yaniger One of the important marketing rules is imagining you’re on an elevator, the doors and soon closing and you’ve got half a minute to say something that captures the essence of what you do. Here is my … Continue reading

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by Danny Kern Rav David Ebner said in the name of the Sefat Emet the following idea.  On Pesach we need to chew the Marror until it is sweet.  To chew and chew until the bitterness goes away.   The Sefat … Continue reading

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Wedding Heaven to Earth

by Haya Baker Winiarz Our world can be completely rejuvenated through our partnership with God. A flash preview of this occurred at the foot of Mount Sinai. The 6th day of this Hebrew calendar month of Sivan, which takes place … Continue reading

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