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I am Hashem

by Aryeh Siegel I am Hashem your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slaves (Exodus 20:1). The first two words of the Ten Commandments that God spoke on Mount Sinai are: … Continue reading

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Logotherapy elevator statement

by Batya Yaniger One of the important marketing rules is imagining you’re on an elevator, the doors and soon closing and you’ve got half a minute to say something that captures the essence of what you do. Here is my … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome and a logotherapeutic attitude

Apropos to what I was writing about yesterday and the understandings that congealed in our logotherapy group, I received in my box a most beautiful, poignant and meaningful article by William Kolbrenner illustrating a logotherapeutic attitude towards life (although he … Continue reading

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Before It’s Too Late

Yesterday I went to the funeral of my daughter-in-law’s father. I had visited him just a week before. It’s not unusual that people get sick and die. What struck me is that I had put off visiting him for about … Continue reading

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Creating We-ness

Interesting that this post sounds similar to the previous one, even though the previous one was not written yesterday. These are some thoughts jotted down, in a raw state (since I’m giving myself permission to write in that way these … Continue reading

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The Tasks of Dis-Ease

As Frankl said there is great therapeutic value in seeing life as a task. The tasks of dis-ease can be broken into four main categories: processing, rediscovery, consciousness and being-in-relationship. Processing Processing meaning taking all the shells and pits of … Continue reading

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Balancing Loving and Being Loved

Did you ever notice that when you tell someone who’s feeling down and out to go to a movie or do something he likes it doesn’t always work? Sometimes the reason can be that he’s not happy with his job … Continue reading

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