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A Skip, a Leap and a Paradox on the Road to Meaning

The healing process in logotherapy can be divided into three parts or stages: a) Emotions b) Values c) Responsibilities a) The emotional plane: The first stage consists of emotional processing. The client is expressing all of the distressing emotions that … Continue reading


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Logotherapy interview transcribed

For the visual among you, the following is a transcription of my interview of September 14 on the Arutz 7 Judean Eve show. After the transcription I have added selections from my personal notes that due to the flow of … Continue reading

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Psychology and religion

An article appeared in the Israeli newspaper Mekor Rishon called “Chasidism – a New Psychology?” by Zvi Moses. His bottom line, by way of critiquing Baruch Kahane’s book שבירה ותיקון was that religion can contribute meaning to the field of … Continue reading

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Love is all-encompassing

Two last interview questions from the logotherapy podcast interview to share… M: Frankl drew some very clear lines on where logotherapy ended and where religion began, and yet, it is generally well accepted that logotherapy is highly compatible with a … Continue reading

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The circular reasoning trap of divine providence

In a gathering of women educators, one person related her experience with a student who complained about a student of hers who said: “If I failed the test, and whatever happens is what’s meant to be, it must be that … Continue reading

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Freedom to and not just freedom from

Some of the phrases used to define the goals of psychotherapy include “relief of distress or disability,” “treatment of mental or emotional problems” and “to improve their ability to cope with difficulties and problems in their lives.” As a general … Continue reading

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How do you feel? What do you know?

Picture a person who comes into the therapist’s office saying he’s depressed and because of this he can’t go on fun trips with his family or hold a job. This is the case discussed in Kathy’s blog. While most counselors … Continue reading

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