by Aryeh Siegel

The title of my last blog (“I an Hashem, June 17) may have seemed “immodest”. How can anyone even think of uttering “I am God”, however sensitive and refined the intention may be?

The following story may indicate a direction for an answer:

A naked young woman entered an elevator with a gentleman, much to his shock. He didn’t look the other way, but said hello and asked why she was naked. On that basis alone, she accused him of sexual intimidation.

However, I think we can agree that the gentleman’s “immodest” remark was a natural response to an immodest environment.

When God said at Mount Sinai “I am God”, He came out of hiding and revealed Himself.
And by saying specifically that the “I” is God, He invited us to see Him by looking at ourselves. Many people just look the other way, but it’s not “immodest” to look for Godliness within; rather it’s the appropriate response to God’s immodest revelation.

Of course, so much of what we see within is “clothing”. The search to find the pure soul is a heroic endeavor. Shall we begin?

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2 Responses to Modesty

  1. Panny says:

    I love this post so much… there is such deep honesty and integrity in these beautifull words Aryeh. Thank you so much… you actually brought tears to my eyes in the beauty of what you have shared here.

  2. Panny says:

    I think I should have expanded a bit why I love your post so much. As a person severely abused as a child, I often feel totally exposed, even though I am fully covered in clothing… I hope that helps you to understand why this post is so beautiful, meaningful and touching to me… Thank you so much Aryeh.

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