Time management

They say it’s good to blog every day. They also say one should only blog if one has something to say. Today all I have to say is that I have no time to blog today.

It’s important to know what one can and can’t do and to make priorities in life. Even though I enjoy blogging, it doesn’t take top priority. That’s life.

My schedule is working well. I do the things I do every day in the order I do them but without putting a time limit to it.

Then I make a quick assessment to see whether or not I have time to do a particular activity in a focused way, without worrying about how long it will take me. If I don’t have time to be focused on a particular activity I put it somewhere else in the schedule of my day.

If I see that I won’t have time for a particular task at all today I drop it. So I’m dropping you. But why do I say that? I have written something – useful, I hope.

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