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by Aryeh Siegel The title of my last blog (“I an Hashem, June 17) may have seemed “immodest”. How can anyone even think of uttering “I am God”, however sensitive and refined the intention may be? The following story may … Continue reading


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What Characterizes Responsibility?

What characterizes responsibility? I love the following answers that people gave me on Facebook: Comment #1 “Characteristics of responsibility are going beyond the call of duty, doing the right thing even when no-one is watching, seeing things through, owning up … Continue reading

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Liberation, authenticity, emergence

As an addendum to yesterday’s post, I want to share the synchronicity I felt after something I had studied in the book Shem Mishmuel on the Torah portion “Behar” that resonated deeply with the logotherapeutic concepts we subsequently discussed in … Continue reading

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Probably the earliest psychology book written from an existential viewpoint was Search for Authenticity by J.F.T. Bugental. He considers authenticity to be the central concern of psychotherapy. What is the meaning of authenticity according to Bugental? First it must be … Continue reading

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Day three: We went up in a cable car to the top of the Furtschellas mountain. Couldn’t see a thing as we were completely enveloped in a cloud. Then we discovered a lovely trail through a forest – with autumn … Continue reading

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What makes an “inspirational speaker” inspirational?

I’m not like most people. Everyone flocks to hear inspirational speakers. I’m annoyed by them. I had forgotten this fact when I went last night to hear a man dubbed as an “inspirational speaker.” He told his story, the story … Continue reading

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How to translate without losing the message

A post on the Webby Blog called Not Confined caught my eye. This is what it said: “Last night I was at a Bible study, where we were looking at the book of Malachi. At one point in our discussion … Continue reading

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How do you feel? What do you know?

Picture a person who comes into the therapist’s office saying he’s depressed and because of this he can’t go on fun trips with his family or hold a job. This is the case discussed in Kathy’s blog. While most counselors … Continue reading

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