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Motivation to Responsibility

After posting the questions about responsibility to Facebook and getting two replies in answer to the question and two replies about Facebook vs. blogging, I’ve come to the conclusion that: a) Facebook is a more accessible form of communication for … Continue reading

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Facebook vs. Blogging

I’m curious about Facebook vs. Blogging comments. Do people generally comment more on Facebook than on blogs? If the answer is yes, I wonder if it’s because of the anonymity of a blog. A friend (both friend and “friend”) recently … Continue reading

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Therapy of Love?

Is logotherapy a therapy of love? The answer is “yes and no.” It depends on how you define love. If love is the feeling a child has who is being embraced and treasured for the singular, preciously unique individual he … Continue reading

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Learning to Strengthen the Defiant Power

Logotherapy is solidly based on the human capacity to think. We are capable of putting a distance between ourselves and our symptoms, saying I am not my symptoms. We can exercise the defiant power and act contrary to what circumstances … Continue reading

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Aspects of truth

This is one of those days that I don’t have time to write. Since I do want to try to write every day I will jot down a thought that I’ve expressed before but I’ve put into a tighter formulation … Continue reading

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Which is the higher value?

I have been pondering the question of why most Israelis were in favor of the terrorist murderers in exchange for hostage deal even though most Israelis surveyed also thought the country would be less safe as a result. Here for … Continue reading

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Math homework

A friend of mine had a thought about Math homework that her kids were doing and how it relates to life. The book gives an equation and the student has to fill in the blanks. On the next page the … Continue reading

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