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Learning to Strengthen the Defiant Power

Logotherapy is solidly based on the human capacity to think. We are capable of putting a distance between ourselves and our symptoms, saying I am not my symptoms. We can exercise the defiant power and act contrary to what circumstances … Continue reading

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Alcoholism and Free Choice

I’ve been thinking about the subject of alcoholism after discussing it with a colleague. I was wondering whether it isn’t possible to ascertain the turning point when the person changes from being an alcoholic in potential to being an actual … Continue reading


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Communal Victims

It’s not healthy to suppress emotions and it’s not healthy to recklessly let them loose either. We need to take stock of what is stimulating them and also what is the will to meaning that has been thwarted. What is … Continue reading

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Client skill-set: Introduction

Frankl classified values into three categories: a) creative, b) experiential and c) attitudinal, which can be explained as a) those unique tasks that are ours to do, b) actively receiving life’s gifts in the form of loving another person or … Continue reading

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How do we go about discovering values?

Some examples of values that Frankl talks about are: the defiant power of the human spirit (freedom to take a stance towards one’s physical and psychic states), humor, awareness of one’s uniqueness and self-worth, humor, responsibility, self-transcendence, dedication to a … Continue reading

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Script writing lesson number two

Continuing to think about what my daughter taught me about script writing, I came up with five ideas about logotherapy that I would like to convey: 1) What is the meaning of the spiritual dimension? I would need to create … Continue reading

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Learning not to feel a victim of fate

The following is a reply to one student’s assignment question. The instructor is relating to the student’s struggle with poverty and learning not to feel like a victim in that situation. Because the student is religious the instructor also uses … Continue reading

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