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Music and the Secret to Freedom through Suffering

In answer to my quest for self-expression through music, my son gave me a music lesson that I am eagerly looking forward to trying. I had always been caught in the catch-22 of wanting to play music expressively yet not … Continue reading

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On Music, Transcendence and Holiness

(a contemplation continued from yesterday…) The word for holiness means separating or distinguishing. The quality of holiness that we attribute to God is utter transcendence and separateness from anything physical. To put it in the positive God is pure spirituality. … Continue reading


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A Meaning Equation

Values like love, dedication and reliability require tangible reality for their expression. We can make the following equation: V + U = M Values + Fulfillment of Values by a Unique Individual in a Unique Situation = Meaning When my … Continue reading

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Deeper Still

One day I wrote out a script of a personal issue of mine that we might use to demonstrate logotherapeutic tools and how they work. After hearing one person’s initial attempt to give me logotherapeutic responses, I understood how easy … Continue reading

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The difference between seeing and hearing

I want to add two more points of difference that sets logotherapy apart from other approaches. The spiritual encounter Once at a therapy conference (a general, not logotherapy conference) someone from the audience asked one of the speakers: “What do … Continue reading

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Music: Experiential meaning

When I asked myself what I want to do before I go to sleep to relax I thought of playing piano. Then when I tried to actually do it I wasn’t able to enjoy myself. I’m writing about this, you … Continue reading

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Master teachers

Contemplating about the Passover holiday has brought up thoughts of stuck-ness and redemption. The word for Egypt, the place where the emerging Jewish nation was stuck 3,300 years ago, is Mitzrayim from the word meitzar, a narrow place. As slaves … Continue reading

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Career is not the only goal

People get too caught up with the idea of having a mission in life. We have a mission in a larger sense but it’s pretty much of a mystery what that mission is. It’s more helpful to do what you’re … Continue reading

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