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History compacted into one meaning moment

Today I went to a musical event for children and their parents in a summer camp. No, I wasn’t there in the capacity of a parent or a counselor. I was the mother of one of the musicians. It wasn’t … Continue reading

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Old friends

An old friend touched base with me in facebook chat. There is something very special about the experience of having a conversation that picks right up from a conversation I might have had with this person 40 years ago. At … Continue reading

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Learning not to feel a victim of fate

The following is a reply to one student’s assignment question. The instructor is relating to the student’s struggle with poverty and learning not to feel like a victim in that situation. Because the student is religious the instructor also uses … Continue reading

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Strenthening the ability to think and to say what you think

I am rewriting this post and I’ll explain why. Part of me likes to get the author’s words down as accurately as possible. That’s the part of me that wrote before. Another part of me listens closely to what is … Continue reading

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How do you feel? What do you know?

Picture a person who comes into the therapist’s office saying he’s depressed and because of this he can’t go on fun trips with his family or hold a job. This is the case discussed in Kathy’s blog. While most counselors … Continue reading

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Good news

Wondering what I would blog about today I stopped to get a few items at the store and at the register, in one of those not-so-clear situations another shopper told the cashier: “She was ahead of me.” Sure, I could … Continue reading

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Hearing text speak to you personally

What I’m about to describe is a learning experience that I believe is different from typical analytical study but also different from using the text in the service of my own agenda. It has something to do with hearing the … Continue reading

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