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We are guilty

The Day of Atonement. Or as we call it – Yom Kippur. The rabbi gave one of those build-up type speeches where you’re waiting for the punch line. He talked about all of the things we do wrong that we’re … Continue reading

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Well, it happened. My 14 month old grandson recognized me. He went up to me and raised his hands for me to pick him up and then he looked at me and it was a look that said “I know … Continue reading

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Help comes in mysterious ways

Having the unexpected luxury of free time in the middle of the day I decided to go food shopping in the shuk. The shuk is the Jerusalem market where one can find an infinite variety of fresh fruits and vegetables … Continue reading

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What makes an “inspirational speaker” inspirational?

I’m not like most people. Everyone flocks to hear inspirational speakers. I’m annoyed by them. I had forgotten this fact when I went last night to hear a man dubbed as an “inspirational speaker.” He told his story, the story … Continue reading

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Life can pass you by

A woman I once met – a friend of a friend – never got married. She looked to me about forty-something. She didn’t divulge her age but what she told me about her single status was curious. She said: “I … Continue reading

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Observing a good educator

One of the things I do in my life is to tutor in a women’s seminary in Jerusalem. They spend roughly two hours studying in pairs to prepare the material and one hour in class. My job is to assist … Continue reading

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Writing the talk

Rabbi David Aaron, an author whose books I love once said that when people read his books they say it doesn’t sound like he’s writing. It sounds like he’s just talking. He answered them, “That’s because I am talking. Someone … Continue reading

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The happy composter

I’m back from vacation in Switzerland. You’ll hear about my experiences there but the next several posts will be stuff I wrote before I left. So here goes… I’m so happy with my new compost bin! A year ago my … Continue reading

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