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Meaning -> Intention -> God

by Aryeh Siegel It seems to me that just about everyone will at some time say there’s something meaningful in what is happening around him or her. The meaningfulness consists in there being some message that is being conveyed. In … Continue reading

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I am Hashem

by Aryeh Siegel I am Hashem your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slaves (Exodus 20:1). The first two words of the Ten Commandments that God spoke on Mount Sinai are: … Continue reading

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Giving and Receiving Meaning

In the post “The Realness of the Intangible” I shared a meaningful teaching my study partner and myself learned from Alei Shur. Today I want to share our continued learning. Until now we learned that the world was created at … Continue reading

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Down Syndrome and a logotherapeutic attitude

Apropos to what I was writing about yesterday and the understandings that congealed in our logotherapy group, I received in my box a most beautiful, poignant and meaningful article by William Kolbrenner illustrating a logotherapeutic attitude towards life (although he … Continue reading


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Logotherapy From a Religious Perspective

1) What are the ways therapy might be viewed from a religious perspective and how is therapy likely to be viewed from the perspective of a religious logotherapist? 2) How do we picture G-d and in what ways if any … Continue reading

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On Music, Transcendence and Holiness

(a contemplation continued from yesterday…) The word for holiness means separating or distinguishing. The quality of holiness that we attribute to God is utter transcendence and separateness from anything physical. To put it in the positive God is pure spirituality. … Continue reading

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Spiritual OCD

How are perfectionists made? How can they be healed? In logotherapy we recognize the unity of the person and we particularly focus on the spiritual dimension. There is a kind of obsessive compulsion that does not stem from an ego … Continue reading

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Love is all-encompassing

Two last interview questions from the logotherapy podcast interview to share… M: Frankl drew some very clear lines on where logotherapy ended and where religion began, and yet, it is generally well accepted that logotherapy is highly compatible with a … Continue reading

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Why we need God to have peace between people

Peace is the road leading to God and God is the road leading to peace. If reality doesn’t bear this out it’s because the world doesn’t yet know God. For the purpose of this article assume that God is absolute … Continue reading

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Integrated by halacha

(Fifth in a series summarizing the book Halachic Man) In the next section of the book Halachic Man the unifying theme seems to be that halacha integrates halachic man. The split personality that plagues human-kind is absent. There is no … Continue reading

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