A flash of insight came to me today about being focused on the task at hand. My difficulty in focusing is always because I’m not completely present, which of course makes sense. The reason I’m not present is because I’m thinking about something I need to do later.

But what would happen if I were to somehow put myself into a mindset of timelessness?

Even though the task before me is something I will do for an hour or half an hour or whatever the time frame is, I can put aside that knowledge and plunge myself into it as if I will be in this place forever. There is no “later” or “other things” to get to.

I don’t need to worry about losing track of time. For some tasks an end will naturally come. If I’m jogging a particular route I will make the circuit. If I’m reading a book the chapter will end at some point. For other tasks I can set a timer.

But as long as I am here, this task in front of me is all that exists.

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