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Expanding horizons

Dear blog readers, I’ve started a new blog called themeaningseeker.com themeaningseeker.com will be made up of daily essays on logotherapy and will serve as the home base for my logotherapy courses. meaningtherapy.wordpress.com will continue on a new footing which will … Continue reading

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Free at Last

The post immediately before this one was actually written a few weeks ago. It didn’t get published for some reason. I said in it that I hoped I’d get more comments than spam. Alas, I’ve gotten more spam but for … Continue reading

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Motivation to Responsibility

After posting the questions about responsibility to Facebook and getting two replies in answer to the question and two replies about Facebook vs. blogging, I’ve come to the conclusion that: a) Facebook is a more accessible form of communication for … Continue reading

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Facebook vs. Blogging

I’m curious about Facebook vs. Blogging comments. Do people generally comment more on Facebook than on blogs? If the answer is yes, I wonder if it’s because of the anonymity of a blog. A friend (both friend and “friend”) recently … Continue reading

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Media and logotherapy

I have been thinking lately about logotherapy and the media. What are the messages I’d like to see disseminated and how can the tool of media be used to further this goal? One major message and key therapeutic edge of … Continue reading

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Awaiting the day

I started out my day with what I thought would be a relatively simple task. I wanted to write about what has been on my mind lately – values. However, if I want to reflect on different thinkers and their … Continue reading

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Blogging blues

I’m not very motivated to blog these days. You’ve probably lost your motivation to read my blogs as much as I’ve lost my motivation to write. I know how it works. If I blog every day people will read. If … Continue reading

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Writing the talk

Rabbi David Aaron, an author whose books I love once said that when people read his books they say it doesn’t sound like he’s writing. It sounds like he’s just talking. He answered them, “That’s because I am talking. Someone … Continue reading

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Best blogs contest

I will give five hours of free logotherapeutic counseling (in person or by phone, depending where you live and how far you’re willing to travel) to whoever finds the five best, most logotherapeutic-compatible blogs on the internet, by August 15. … Continue reading

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