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by Danny Kern Rav David Ebner said in the name of the Sefat Emet the following idea.  On Pesach we need to chew the Marror until it is sweet.  To chew and chew until the bitterness goes away.   The Sefat … Continue reading

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Wedding Heaven to Earth

by Haya Baker Winiarz Our world can be completely rejuvenated through our partnership with God. A flash preview of this occurred at the foot of Mount Sinai. The 6th day of this Hebrew calendar month of Sivan, which takes place … Continue reading

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Expanding horizons

Dear blog readers, I’ve started a new blog called will be made up of daily essays on logotherapy and will serve as the home base for my logotherapy courses. will continue on a new footing which will … Continue reading


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Unhealthy and Healthy Detachment

There are two different phenomena that take place when we relate to unwanted reality: unhealthy and healthy detachment. Unhealthy detachment manifests in the phenomenon of dissociation – withdrawal from reality in the face of a traumatic or stressful situation. This … Continue reading

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