Four Questions

Frankl was profound in his simplicity. Meaning is “what is meant.”

We can follow this model of phrasing ideas simply and add two more statements:

Values are what we value.

Strengths are the power to carry out values.

Thus, there is a more compelling reason for finding strengths and resources than just a self-esteem – boosting device. As one fellow logotherapist put it, there is a one-to-one relationship between the challenge and the resources. The depth of the presenting challenge lies in the extent to which it calls upon one’s strengths. They are a package deal.

Thus part and parcel of the quest for meaning is a search for strengths and a search for values.

The following four basic questions may be used to uncover the meaning of the call on this person’s life and the strengths and values that are being summoned:

1) What do I want and why is this important to me? What am I seeking to experience spiritually and emotionally by reaching this goal? What makes this task valuable and precious?

2) How can I play with my perspective to try out some new ways to look at my situation or new things to do in it that I haven’t done before? What would this make possible?

3) What are my internal and external resources?

4) How can I take the best possible advantage of my life circumstances?

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