The Meaning Difference

What essentially is the difference between logotherapy and other approaches in psychology? What is the meaning of being meaning-centered? What difference does it make for meaning to be in the center as opposed to the person being in the center?

When the person is in the center the most compelling question is “What do I need?” and “What can life give me?” When meaning is the central concern the compelling question is “How can I detect and create meaning?”

The question of meaning implies a demand and points to responsibility. Life becomes meaningful through meaningful choices I make.

Is responsibility something we want? It is if we want to be mature. And that’s what logotherapy teaches: how to be mature.

Ironically it is when I act from a place of maturity that what I want most comes to me. Needs are only a means to the end of living a life that is meaningful and purposeful, and meaning and purpose is what I seek. The immature person tries to grab all he can for himself and whine about everything not going his way. You’re not going to be able to change fate or force everyone to do what you want.

But your self, your autonomous choices, and your awareness of who you are and which way you have to go – that self is what you carry around wherever you go.

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One Response to The Meaning Difference

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak out! I think it’s important to get the word out in any way you can. Good work.

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