Motivation to Responsibility

After posting the questions about responsibility to Facebook and getting two replies in answer to the question and two replies about Facebook vs. blogging, I’ve come to the conclusion that:

a) Facebook is a more accessible form of communication for many people
b) People are more likely to engage in discussion and answer questions if they know the person who’s asking
c) Neither Facebook nor blogging can be a forum for in-depth interactive discussion
d) Yet, both are still useful for what they are – Facebook for touching base and quick take-home ideas and blogs for reaching out to anonymous others with a slightly bigger than bite-size idea.

Now to the answers I got (from three different people):

What are the characteristics of responsibility?

“Characteristics of responsibility are going beyond the call of duty, doing the right thing even when no-one is watching, seeing things through, owning up to mistakes (that’s a hard one).”

The characteristic of a responsible person is someone who dares makes a commitment and then follows through.”

What motivates people to be responsible?

“What motivates me to be responsible is the feeling that I am actively participating in my life. For better or for worse I am taking an account and being accounted for. I think a responsible person is characterized by self-honesty, moderation (I may be using this word too generally here), imaginative for the purpose of learning and not self delusion.”

“Being responsible means caring and is the opposite of narcissism. I try to be responsible because I care about how my actions affect other people.”

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