Math homework

A friend of mine had a thought about Math homework that her kids were doing and how it relates to life. The book gives an equation and the student has to fill in the blanks. On the next page the same equation is given, only something else is missing this time and the student has to be able to see it from a different angle and fill in a different aspect to the sequence.

In life, she said we’re repeatedly given similar situations with slightly different “blanks” to fill in. One time we need practice in one aspect, another time in another aspect. We may wonder: Why do I have to keep enduring this test? Why does this situation keep coming up over and over again? I thought I got through this already.

But no, it’s never quite the same as it was. There’s always a new aspect to the same old story. Taking the test again sharpens my skills and refines me to work on a new area of the problem and to go back again to the old and approach it again from a new vantage point again, and again and again.

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