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Logotherapy elevator statement

by Batya Yaniger One of the important marketing rules is imagining you’re on an elevator, the doors and soon closing and you’ve got half a minute to say something that captures the essence of what you do. Here is my … Continue reading

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The Tightrope of Strengths

submitted by E.D.Becker (can also be found at Ed notes: Torah Insights Into How We Tick) As the cryptic title implies, there is a delicate tightrope which we each must walk when balancing our personal strengths and assets with our … Continue reading

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Halacha and logotherapy

(Seventh in a series summarizing the book Halachic Man) The Jewish halachic perspective begins by visualizing an ideal reality – how a perfect world looks from God’s perspective. Jewish law, or halacha consists of the hammered-out details instructing human beings … Continue reading

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WordPress highlighted a post on happiness that I loved and want to share with you. This was my comment: Absolutely loved this post! One thing to add is that Viktor Frankl said happiness cannot be pursued but is something that … Continue reading

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