A New Year

There will be no posts for the next three days.

A new year is upon us in the Jewish calendar – Rosh Hashana. In the words of the prayer service it is the day of the birth of creation and the day all are brought to stand before the Master of the Universe in judgment. What is going on in this world God created? How can it be brought closer to fulfilling its purpose?

I want to wish all of my blog readers a sweet year, a year that will bring you closer to the purpose of your creation and that you will see all of the opportunities for meaning that life is bringing you. May you discern with a fine-tuned ear the meaning in your life and be able to listen in this way to help others find it in theirs. May God bless you with love and conscience, help you to be conscious and response-able and remove your blocks to meaning so that your capacity to access your will to meaning, your defiant power and all the powers of the human spirit will freely flow.

May the whole world recognize that there is one God in heaven who created us all, and live together as brothers in peace.

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