New logotherapy blog

This is a reminder to check out my new logotherapy blog called

Instead of announcing that this blog is terminated and sending you to the new blog, I decided to continue this blog as a group blog (with weekly posts), to post articles and essays written by professional and lay logotherapists (and maybe yourself!).

So if you’ve enjoyed this blog in the past, please visit

Right now I’m in the midst of posting a daily summary from a Jewish book about consciousness called Pirkei Kinyan Da’at. Once I finish that I’ll then discuss the relationship between the concept of consciousness there and the concept of consciousness and conscience in logotherapy.

I know I’m learning a lot from this book and I’m sure you will too.

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4 Responses to New logotherapy blog

  1. Happyfeet says:

    After reading Mans Search for Meaning my interest in my own mental health became up to me. This book made all the other books make sense. Im now off of all Psych meds and in control what i choose to believe in. That lead me to another book, ‘On Fear’ by J. Krishnamurti. I now enjoy the comedy of what used be my reality of life and I enjoy the world as it is. I did a lot of searching and went back through very important journals of my life. I saw how much of a great actor I am. I’m still peeling the layers of fear away day by day. Logotherapy and Dr. Frankls theories can should be available to ALL so called mentally ill patients. Me now knows the real me. Very excited to be a part of the logotherapy comeback. Thank you all.

  2. logogroup says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m excited that you’re excited! How about sending me a few paragraphs about what you found meaningful in the book ‘On Fear’ as a comment and instead of approving it as a comment I will post it as a blog post! It can be anonymous or you can include your name – whatever you feel more comfortable with.

  3. Hi,
    I went back through ‘On Fear’ again because I did find understanding in fear for each of us to exist.
    The second time I skipped through it as I think everyone can do with his book. It’s basicly a composition of Krishnamurti’s notebook writings, thoughts, great open questions to ponder, and interviews from the 50’s to the 80’s ‘On Fear’.
    The second time I read it I sealed to turn to every page that I needed to put together the bigger idea I could feel was missed before.
    Understanding fears existence wasn’t what this book was for with me.
    I slowly put together the maps of all fears from start to what I’m left with is eternal infinite energy forces which drive us to evolve more intellectually these days. Fear sets the pace for our perception of time and reality.
    Now I’m back in the old worm hole. But man I’m so grateful to think that I might know, but always fearful of actully being right about ALL. ; ) Gota be a little crazy and ok with it to see.

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