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Intertwining Paths

Some things seem to have clear-cut steps to them. If you want to be an appliance repair person you’ll know exactly what you have to do. There are clear steps about how to learn and there are clear steps telling … Continue reading

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Reflecting in logotherapy is not the same as the method of mirroring back what the client has said to us. We’re mirroring back meaning. The focus is the person and not “the problem.” We stop and reflect together that he’s … Continue reading

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Observing a good educator

One of the things I do in my life is to tutor in a women’s seminary in Jerusalem. They spend roughly two hours studying in pairs to prepare the material and one hour in class. My job is to assist … Continue reading

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What kind of process?

“It’s being in the process that counts.” My willingness to nod in agreement to this statement depends very much on what the person means by this. My response the last time I heard it was, “Yes, but you need some … Continue reading

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