Writing the talk

Rabbi David Aaron, an author whose books I love once said that when people read his books they say it doesn’t sound like he’s writing. It sounds like he’s just talking. He answered them, “That’s because I am talking. Someone has transcribed what I’ve said in a lecture and this becomes written as a book.” I’ve noticed whenever I read the posts highlighted for the day in wordpress.com that the best writing has this quality to it. People don’t want to read a philosophy book. They want to feel as they’re reading as if someone is talking to them.

In spite of this recognition I don’t always write as if I’m speaking. Sometimes I’ve struggled to write something and then when I explain it to someone out loud it makes so much more sense. I feel like I want to run to my computer. I say, “Wait a minute. – Let me get down on paper what I’ve just said.”

Since I don’t want to spend too much time on it, blogging is good practice in getting those thoughts to just flow. Yet I still feel stuck sometimes. Getting spoken thoughts out there in a clear orderly way assumes one can speak in a clear orderly way. This doesn’t always work for me either. That’s my vested interest in comments. Feedback helps me to think about how my words sound and what sense the make or don’t make to the other person, and how I can say what I want to say in a way that the other person will understand me.

Batya Yaniger

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2 Responses to Writing the talk

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