The happy composter

I’m back from vacation in Switzerland. You’ll hear about my experiences there but the next several posts will be stuff I wrote before I left. So here goes…

I’m so happy with my new compost bin! A year ago my daughter and I had tried digging a hole to make one but we didn’t have the right tools for it and it was extremely slow going. Then the municipality announced they were selling these bins at a discount.

It’s a nice appealing green color. It sits there on my front yard lawn as a new fixture that just seems to belong. In the kitchen I have a pail to put in all of the fruit and vegetable peels and things. As I’m tossing it in I’m thinking hmm, this is biodegradable; this is not; this is biodegradable; this is not. I’m more conscious of what’s going into my system, of taking care of the environment and of saving the city money.

It also makes my life easier. The trash can in the house takes longer to fill up, and that means less plastic garbage bags to buy and less trips out to the bin on the street to dump it. Food preparation is easier. I peel straight into the designated pail. When I need to trim the bushes or rake the leaves, I don’t have to stuff it into a bag. I just dump it straight into the bin. At the end of the day I empty the contents of the pail into the composter knowing that in six months time this will actually turn into something useful that will nurture the ground as I sprinkle it all around. Until then I can watch before my eyes as the metamorphosis takes place, in the amazing process of disintegration and rebirth as God created it.

It’s one of those things in life that just feels right.

Batya Yaniger

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