Old friends

An old friend touched base with me in facebook chat. There is something very special about the experience of having a conversation that picks right up from a conversation I might have had with this person 40 years ago.

At first we wrote a very short “sum-up” of what we’ve done, kids, etc. And then about a week later we had a chat that was just totally natural and spontaneous, with no need for introductions. We teased each other and shared thoughts about things. In a way we haven’t changed and in a way we’ve changed so very much.

But the ways in which we haven’t changed reveal something very essential about our core selves. Hopefully we all develop and become more mature throughout life. We learn important lessons. We gain insights. But there is a spark of something that never changes, and that should never change – the spark of who we most fundamentally are. The more we grow the more this essential self can emerge.

This is the spark that friendship ignites. Souls touch souls. It’s so subtle that it’s hard to write about it. But I think you know what I mean.

Batya Yaniger

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