Good news

Wondering what I would blog about today I stopped to get a few items at the store and at the register, in one of those not-so-clear situations another shopper told the cashier: “She was ahead of me.” Sure, I could complain about nasty things but what would that do besides make me more bitter? We need to report good news more. Not just big things but little things that make life more pleasant. This is one of the reasons I love living in Efrat. But it’s not just Efrat. Last year when I took my car to Jerusalem to get it registered I was pleasantly surprised. This is how the procedure works: I had to park, get out of my car to pay at the desk and then drive through the track to test various functions on the car. As I was coming back to my car after having paid, a man in the car in front of me said: “Go around my car. You were here before me.” Wow, how great life can be if we can create a whole society like this, I thought. This is the meaning of redemption!

Talking more about good things we see in our environment trains our eyes to notice them, appreciate them, imitate them and increase good in the world. Or is that boring news?

Batya Yaniger

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