Best blogs contest

I will give five hours of free logotherapeutic counseling (in person or by phone, depending where you live and how far you’re willing to travel) to whoever finds the five best, most logotherapeutic-compatible blogs on the internet, by August 15. If the same person finds the same five blogs, you get five hours. If five different people find one each, then each one gets one hour. These are your guidelines:

Logotherapy is related to counseling and psychology, but also touches on philosophy, personal growth, education and religion. Since the themes and areas that logotherapy reaches are broad and each of these topics by itself is vast, you’ll need to zoom in on a particular kind of psychology, etc. blog. And by the way, you can’t choose from one that’s already in the sidebar.

You may choose from one or more of the following categories:

Psychology blogs – not discussion of psychopathologies or seeking psychological causes but that believe in a person’s strengths, essential good core and basic good motivation still there behind all the fog. The about page at is a good start. They write about their motivation for creating the blog as wanting to advocate for collaborative and nonpathologizing forms of therapy and to form a collection of therapists who viewed and treated their clients as fundamentally capable and proficient, rather than fundamentally flawed and deficient. I was happy to see logotherapy on their list, as it should be.

You can choose from one or more of the following categories:

Positive psychology blogs – optimism in the sense of looking reality in the face and making choices and taking a stand towards it, as opposed to self-delusional positive thinking

Personal growth blogs – self-actualization and happiness not as a goal, but a side-effect of creating a meaningful life; a focus on becoming aware of our values, a what to live for
Philosophy blogs – not in-the-air philosophizing and not an attempt to manufacture positive reframes to an essentially meaningless existence but instead, help find true meanings that exist even though we don’t always see them

Spirituality blogs – grounded, “spiritual” in the sense of true humanity in the higher sense, not about psychic signs and flighty weirdness

Religion blogs – to hear one’s inner voice and hear the call to responsibility inherent within us that serves as the foundation upon which religiosity can build

Education blogs – not feeding information but evoking our own higher wisdom

Humor – a wild card. You’ll have to guess what I find funny

I am interested in blogs that tell of the experience and process of transformation in a person. Do they tell inspirational stories, show consciousness of responsibility, explore the opportunity a situation is providing, affirm the loving presence of divine guidance in one’s life? Does the blog really make you laugh? Does it evoke in you the desire or understanding of how to live a loving, emotionally and spiritually mature, meaningful life?

Answers may be submitted to Good luck

Batya Yaniger

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