Logotherapy From a Religious Perspective

1) What are the ways therapy might be viewed from a religious perspective and how is therapy likely to be viewed from the perspective of a religious logotherapist?

2) How do we picture G-d and in what ways if any does this impact therapy?

3) What does it mean to have a personal relationship with G-d?

4) Assuming that our relationship with G-d is a constant (G-d is never on vacation from us and we are never on vacation from G-d), are there times when what we do matters to G-d yet G-d doesn’t tell us what to do?

5) Assuming the answer to this question is ‘yes,’ what is the source of our knowledge? Where does the capacity to decide come from?

6) Since there are areas of choice where no explicit instruction is given by G-d and there is no universally accepted moral standard, isn’t it a problem to give people free choice and help them find their meaning, when it is in the realm of possibility that what they decide is meaningful to them is actually evil?

7) In conclusion, is there any advantage to logotherapy from a religious perspective?

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