A Meaning Equation

Values like love, dedication and reliability require tangible reality for their expression. We can make the following equation:

V + U = M

Values + Fulfillment of Values by a Unique Individual in a Unique Situation = Meaning

When my musician son was in eighth grade I drove to his school (a twenty minute ride) to take him home to practice his drums and then after an hour or two I drove him back to school again. It wasn’t always easy. I was quite often tired but it was meaningful. The value was wanting to help my children develop their talents. The value could only be fulfilled my me.

A “problem” or obstacle or difficulty or whatever we want to call it feels to us as something dislodged from the fabric of life. It seems meaningless. Imagine the word “problem” hovering in three dimensional space over the equation like a free radical in the body and now draw an arrow from the word “problem” to the words “Fulfillment of Values” and you will find meaning. There is no situation devoid of potential for value-fulfillment. Therefore there is no situation that cannot be made meaningful.

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