Career is not the only goal

People get too caught up with the idea of having a mission in life. We have a mission in a larger sense but it’s pretty much of a mystery what that mission is.

It’s more helpful to do what you’re pining for. There are many pieces to the puzzle of life and they all add up in the larger scheme of things. I was reminded of this when a friend was telling me that she had gotten ballet lessons when she was very small and her mother suddenly stopped them. Apparently her mother didn’t think she would be a ballet dancer, so what was the point?

There’s a music teacher in town who taught our kids to play various instruments. He always held a music recital at the end of the year and he would tell the parents that some of these kids will make a career out of it and some will not. But there is great value in also giving lessons to the ones who will not. These are the kids who won’t practice consistently or won’t practice at all but they are getting something important out of it. It stimulates their thinking and imagination. It makes them feel good.

If my friend’s mother had understood that my friend was dreaming dance, craving dance, needing it for her self-image and confidence, if she would have realized the importance of this as a value on a par with professional development, I am sure she would have continued the lessons.


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