Becoming a tissue provider

One day we were in the car my daughter asked if anyone had a tissue and I jokingly answered that I must have been absent from class that day when they taught it in school. I never have tissues on me. She said it’s not just me. That’s the way it is among the teachers in school and the youth group counselors too. “There’s always the person who can be relied upon to have a tissue and there’s everyone else who never has one,” she said.

I decided right then and there: “That’s it. I’m going to become a tissue provider.” Why shouldn’t I be of help to people when they need it? It’s such a small bother and it’s so appreciated. I wrote it down in my calendar and today I went out and bought some little purse-size packets.

Becoming a tissue provider can be a metaphor for being present in a strong way in every situation I find myself. I can become more aware of what the other person needs and I can be responsive to it.

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