Ten ways to read in between the lines of life’s meaning

(a continuation of “Life is what happens in-between the lines”)

From the youngest age you can recall:

Will to meaning: What stimulated your curiosity? – or – What did you always seem to be seeking again and again?

Ultimate meaning: What are your highest values? How are they manifest in your life?

Response-ability: What made an impression on you? How did you respond to it? – or – When in your life did you feel somehow guided? When did events seem to inexplicably come together with incredible synchronicity?

Creative values: When were you absorbed in so completely that you even forgot to eat?

Conscience: What do you regret having done and what did you learned from the experience? (You can include major and minor mistakes in life.)

Self-transcendence: What major and minor accomplishments or little victories have you had where you overcame a difficulty or stood up to a challenge or took a stand? What can you learn from the experience about yourself?

Attitudinal values: What pain and suffering have you endured and what can you learn from the experience? – or – What puzzled you about life?

Experiential values: What made your heart sing and stirred your passions in a way that obviated the need for any struggle but you jumped at the chance to do it and it simply felt natural and right? – or – When did you have an “Aha” moment? – or – How would you describe a peak experience you’ve had in your life?

Dereflection: How would you describe a shift and change that took place in you? – or – When did you suddenly see something from a new perspective?

Once you’ve answered all of these questions you can identify the values that you have realized and you can recognize how you have been called to a task or mission. You can begin to answer questions: Who are you? What are you supposed to be doing in this world? Who are you meant to become?

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