Life is your personal trainer

One of our neighbors needed a place to store his weights and we agreed that he could use our house. We get the fringe benefit of using them. He also showed us the correct way to use the equipment so that we would not injure ourselves.

I guess I had the idea of having our own personal trainer in the house on my mind when I went to sleep because when I got up in the morning the sentence came to me:

A problem is your invitation to meaning and life is your personal trainer.

When you look at events this way you hear life as a series of test questions – not the kind meant to trip you up but the kind of test that’s designed to who how much you know and what you can do.

This is what logotherapy is all about: not modifying our thoughts or behaviors but changing our whole attitude towards life and helping you find a reason to get up in the morning.

The therapist doesn’t have any answers. The therapist directs you to hear the questions that life itself is asking you and to answer them: Is this what you want? Do you agree with what’s going on here? What’s your gut feeling about this? Can you help in a way no one else can right now? What seems most appropriate for this situation? What will best further your goals? What are you longing for deep down?

In other words life only becomes meaningful when you relate to it as meaningful.

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