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Spiritual foundations of logotherapy: The skill of gratitude

So far we’ve considered two aspects to human beings that are not so readily apparent. Seeing the spiritual essence and seeing hidden potential requires seeing with spiritual eyes. Seeing good things in life should be easier to find than hidden … Continue reading

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Help comes in mysterious ways

Having the unexpected luxury of free time in the middle of the day I decided to go food shopping in the shuk. The shuk is the Jerusalem market where one can find an infinite variety of fresh fruits and vegetables … Continue reading

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Good news

Wondering what I would blog about today I stopped to get a few items at the store and at the register, in one of those not-so-clear situations another shopper told the cashier: “She was ahead of me.” Sure, I could … Continue reading

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Holding up the world

Last Friday I went on a tour of the Nachlaot section of Jerusalem with Rabbi Benji Levin, grandson of Reb Aryeh Levin. Here’s one story he told. Someone once asked Reb Aryeh about his relative in the mental institution. A … Continue reading

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I can; therefore I must

There are times when two different kinds of life experience synthesize to bring new insight. A friend told me about someone who went very much out of her way to do a kindness. This friend acknowledged the person for it, … Continue reading

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