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Wants and Needs

My worldview starts from Frankl’s position that takes the psychological, biological and no├Âlogical dimensions of a person into account. A human being is viewed holistically and incorporates the noetic (uniquely human) aspect. What is the human mechanism for becoming aware … Continue reading

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Macrobiotic Thanksgiving

I went to a delicious macrobiotic thanksgiving feast yesterday. The table was as tastefully arranged as the food to the palate. There were little decorative ceramic flower place setting with the name of each person carefully inserted in each one. … Continue reading

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Biology promotes morality

I want to start by sharing with you a great post titled Atheist Morality. In the spirit of atheists taking a ride on the back of a moral-based society (the point taken in said post), I don’t mind taking a … Continue reading

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Height psychology

A meaningful insight came from one of the women in my spiritual development group. We had been discussing the meaning of tolerance as accepting the other as a whole, realizing that person is much more than his or her faults … Continue reading

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