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Our logotherapy team

Our logotherapy end-of-course workshop was wonderful. We asked them to consider the following quote and questions on the quote: “Man cannot really exist without a fixed point in the future. Under normal conditions his entire present is shaped around that … Continue reading

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One of my favorite kinds of exercise is dance and one of my favorite songs to dance to is Ahavat Yisrael by David Abramson/Harpo z”l. It’s a little sad for me now when I turn on the music, knowing he’s … Continue reading

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These people knew about these people

A story is told in the Talmud (Gitten 57a) that three hundred thousand soldiers came and killed the residents in one side of the country for three days, and during all this time the residents on the other side of … Continue reading

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Last week our spiritual growth group was discussing the topic of tolerance and how much more difficult it is to have tolerance for family and for neighbors than for friends. We see family and neighbors all the time. We might … Continue reading

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