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The Inclusiveness of Exclusive Single-Minded Focus

The capacity for single-minded focus is made possible due to the awareness of the oneness of God built into our nature. Thoughts are easily disturbed by distractions as light as hearing scratching on a board. We can hold onto a … Continue reading

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Writing and a settled mind

Our end-of-course workshop is coming up and I have no time to blog. I will be back next week. I will only say this: There is meaning every moment. There are choices to make every moment. Not every choice requires … Continue reading

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As synchronicity would have it I drove into work after writing yesterday’s post and what happened to me there turned out to be a perfect demonstration of what I had been writing about. Instead of starting at 10:00 as usual, … Continue reading

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Testimony to meaning in suffering

Three years ago today marks the day I had planned to study with my friend (the one I am always quoting). We had pushed off our study day from the usual Thursday to Friday. When I heard the news of … Continue reading

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