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Testimony to meaning in suffering

Three years ago today marks the day I had planned to study with my friend (the one I am always quoting). We had pushed off our study day from the usual Thursday to Friday. When I heard the news of … Continue reading

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Accept what you cannot change; change what you should not accept

There is an old system (described by the well-known kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Vital) of assessing personality traits based on the four elements: Fire, wind, water and dust. Fire indicates traits relating to arrogance and rage. (We sometimes say someone is … Continue reading

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Tolerance means learning to carry weights

In last night’s spiritual growth group we read the section in the book Alei Shur on having tolerance as a community leader. There are many kinds of leaders. Teachers, rabbis and community secretaries are all different kinds of leaders. He … Continue reading

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In loving memory

Today is my father’s – Julius Groner – yahrtzeit (the day marking his death) six years ago. I want to share a few of his precious qualities. One friend called my mother a day after his passing and said, “Your … Continue reading

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